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Drill Sleeve - Din 2185

Drill Sleeve - Din 2185

SKU: 163

- Made from high grade carbon steel
- A-grade - completely hardened & ground
internally and externally
- 55 to 60 HRC


    Cat. no.

    A Grade

    Morse Taper  


    Outside   Inside  
    CH163001 MT2 MT1
    CH163002 MT3 MT1
    CH163003 MT3 MT2
    CH163004 MT4 MT1
    CH163005 MT4 MT2
    CH163006 MT4 MT3
    CH163007 MT5 MT1
    CH163008 MT5 MT2
    CH163009 MT5 MT3
    CH163010 MT5 MT4
    CH163011 MT6 MT2
    CH163012 MT6 MT3
    CH163013 MT6 MT4
    CH163014 MT6 MT5


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